“Adam is an engaging, dynamic speaker that fuels positive energy into his audience. His insight on business success, overcoming obstacles, and finding true passion provided us with useful, tangible, inspiring materials to facilitate learning. Adam inspired me to remain committed to my professional goals as he shared his own journey with us. I would love to attend future presentations that Adam has to offer and would highly recommend him to those groups looking to take their members to the next level of performance, enthusiasm, and confidence."

- Eva DiVenti, Sr. Recruiter, Lamps Plus

"Although Adam has years of experience in the business world, he is so humble and down to earth when he speaks. Adam is extremely approachable, and it feels as if he is speaking to close friends when he presents. He personally connects with each member of the audience, and he knows how to really listen, validate, and include everyone's input. Adam willingly shares his advice and is happy to help others succeed. He is not afraid to talk about the difficulties he had to face, personal and professional, proving that failure is a part of success. Adam is extremely relatable, and because of this, he is able to foster a unique sense of trust and understanding with his audience when he speaks."

- Lana Mousessian, Human Resources Specialist, The Walt Disney Company

“Adam brings a true authenticity and transparency to his story and advice on how to pursue career goals, build key relationships, and remain agile in the business and life planning process. I left a 90 minute session with Adam inspired, while also clear on tactical steps I could take tomorrow to improve my career and business. My biggest takeaway was the power of relationships and people in your career. I’d encourage everyone in any industry to listen to Adam’s message and use his story to redirect or re-inspire your team.”

- Ryan Campbell, Associate, McKinsey & Company

“An esteemed colleague of ours had recommended Adam Mendler to speak to our students and Mr. Mendler most graciously accepted our invitation. What transpired during this session was nothing short of remarkable. The students where highly engaged in his lively presentation and were eager to remain in contact with Mr. Mendler as he most generously offered for follow up questions and mentorship. From his integration of his love of baseball to his unique Orthodox Jewish upbringing, Adam Mendler provided the USC students with a wonderful opportunity to learn valuable life lessons and business practice as informed by the foundation of his heritage.”

- Lisa Ansell, Associate Director, USC Casden Institute

"Adam Mendler is one of the most unique public speakers I’ve had the pleasure of listening to! I’ve witnessed his stand-and-deliver style as well as when he uses visual aids. Whatever kind of talk he does, not only does he engage the audience with his charm, but he also makes the experience feel like a conversation more than delivering a ‘lecture.’ I can appreciate his ways of speaking because he doesn’t make himself sound like he is above everyone else, but that we all can learn something from one another. It’s rare to find a public speaker who is both humble and successful in his delivery."

- Laurie Leyden, Advisor, UCLA Department of Statistics

"Adam was a guest speaker at my university, and his presentation was terrific. He is an incredible speaker with a unique ability to powerfully engage with the audience. It feels like he has a secret sauce to deliver an important message directly into your mind."

- Kerim Omarov, MBA Student, CSUN Nazarian College of Business and Economics

"Adam is an accomplished entrepreneur, tremendous public speaker and a GIVER! We had the pleasure of hosting Adam in our accelerator program. As a speaker, Adam was both engaging and insightful; his ability to communicate key lessons from his career as a founder of numerous ventures was extremely helpful for our companies in navigating the U.S. market and the Los Angeles ecosystem."

- Guy Katsovich and Yair Vardi, Co-Founders, Fusion LA

“Adam has presented to my MBA classes at CSUN, Pepperdine and University of Redlands, and was a key presenter to our 2018 USC Marshall Innovation Global Conference. Adam draws on his tremendous insights and emotional intelligence, in addition to his keen business skills. As an entrepreneur and business leader, Adam educates and informs my students and conference attendees in such areas as building a business, growing a business and understanding how to focus on key client needs, as well as provides humorous anecdotes about his lifelong experiences. Perhaps Adam’s best story is how he won the heart and mind of his post UCLA MBA job interviewer by leveraging his high EQ and experiences – I believe that story alone would be worth spending a good amount of money to hear. In addition, Adam can excite and galvanize an audience with his “Super Power” discussions. Adam is a tremendous speaker and educator and I look forward to inviting him to speak to my students for years to come.”

- David Florence, Director, Stanton Chase International

"Adam is a very inspirational speaker. I still remember very clearly how he shared his experiences as he taught me and my colleagues about the importance of web advertising. Everyone loved him, as he is also very active and interactive during his speech. Adam is a motivational person that you can look up to."

- Hugo Tangara, Business Development Executive, PT. Timas Suplindo

“Adam goes beyond the basic fluff and surface comments, and gets to something much more meaningful and deep. Adam connects with his audience in a way to stimulate introspection and to act as a catalyst for change. My best advice is to listen to what he says!”

- Steve Yu, Chief Financial Officer and Assistant Dean, UCLA School of Law

“Adam was a fantastic speaker to have for our group. We were training our interns and new company members when Adam came to talk about leadership and management. What was great about his session was that it really got the group diving deep about self awareness and what makes each of us unique. Would love to have him speak again.”

- Jinny Oh, Founder, WANDR

"Adam has been a fantastic speaker in my entrepreneurship courses at UCLA. He is engaging, entertaining, and connects with the students with a perfect mix of humor, insight, and authenticity to keep students involved while he details his entrepreneurial journey and provides keen insight into the real world of running a startup."

- Nathan M. Wilson, Ph.D., M.B.A., Lecturer, UCLA Anderson School of Management

"Adam is able to quickly engage his audience through personal stories, relatable goals and experiences, and a good sense of humor. With this, his topics and message are able to really reach his listeners and they are able to take away several worthwhile nuggets of wisdom."

- Chris Ochs, Director of Sales, 250ok

“Adam was recently a speaker for our cohort. Everyone was blown away by not only his breadth of knowledge but his ability to use relatable examples to drive home the concepts he discussed. The members asked a wide range of questions about their companies and Adam took the time to carefully address and ensure they fully understood the concepts. Adam's delivery was professional, yet highly relatable to members in our program at all stages of growth.”

- Gene Swank, Managing Director, Propellant Labs

“We've had Adam Mendler speak to 50 students and to 150 students, and the reaction was always the same. The crowd loves his enthusiasm, his practical ideas about entrepreneurship and success, and his can-do attitude. His polished speaking style catches their interest, and the relatable content keeps them coming back for more. I highly recommend Adam as a speaker, and look forward to continuing to invite him back again and again.

- Rabbi Dov Wagner, Chabad Jewish Student Center

“Adam came and spoke to our MBA entrepreneurial operations class. His insights and anecdotes on both starting and running a successful business were practical, relatable, and useful and covered a range of relevant topics from employees to product or service demand. Adam discussed valuable themes such as knowing and understanding one’s own personal attributes and skills. Moreover, he stressed the importance of adaptability and flexibility in approaching business problems, especially when working with partners or investors. Adam left a lasting impression on what it means to be an entrepreneur as well as how to successfully navigate both starting and running a successful business.”

- Josh Miller, MBA Student, UCLA Anderson School of Management

“Adam was a dynamic speaker for my Foundations of Sports Promotion and Management course. The depth and breadth of his experience was fascinating to my students. They were encouraged and motivated by Adam's career advice, with many noting that they were relieved to hear, firsthand, how someone took a non-traditional path to success. Adam shared stories that were specific to his audience, and made sure everyone's questions were thoroughly answered before he wrapped up. I hope to have him speak again to additional classes in the future.”

- Dr. Amanda Holdsworth, Professor, Cleary University